Fix the Chapel

The old Evans city chapel that featured in the opening scenes of Night of the Living Dead had stood for years, fighting off storms, vandalism, neglect, and zombies.

In 2011 the cemetery board of directors decided that it was derelict and was a danger to the public and should be to be torn down, that was untill Gary Streiner heard the news.

Gary realised what was about to happen unless he stepped in and did somthing about it, it wasnt just an old broken down chapel, to Gary it was an important place, where he and his brother and their friends made horror film history. He knew that letting this building be torn down would be a terrible thing for the history and fans of Night, so he took on the task of raising the cash to restor it back to its original glory.

Evans City Cemetery’s board of directors gave Gary one year to raise the $50,000 needed to save the chapel.


Gary enlisted the help of the Night of the Living Dead fans, opening A website at now defunct

and facebook page

The word spread and the fans flocked to the facebook group, it became the hub for news about the chapel, and all the fundraising events .

Gary soon found himself to be the leader of a great cause, with lots of keen followers who could not wait to help.

Alot of amazing art, and many other items were donated and sold at auction, Movie screenings with stars from the movie in attendance, and small broken parts of the chapel were sold to raise money for repairs, instead of being thrown away, fans around the world could own a small piece of the Chapel.

Eventually the money was raised, and cemetery association were happy to let Gary have it repaired.

More details to come…

Thanks to Gary, we still have the Chapel in Evans City Cemetery