David Edelstein votes Night of the living dead scariest movie of all time.

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George A. Romero’s zombie film, “Night of the Living Dead.” “For me everything was different after ‘Night of the Living Dead,'” Edelstein said. “It was the late Sixties, society was in upheaval. Suddenly you saw apocalypse, plague. You saw children eating their parents. You saw brothers eating their sisters. That movie contained everything was going on on the street. Who cares if it was laughable? It was something we had never seen before. And It did not have a happy ending. “Nothing was ever the same for movies after ‘Night of the Living Dead.’ Zombies were not funny back then. Now they are comic. At the time those cannibal ghouls got into our dreams and became a metaphor for everything we thought was wrong and scary about American society. And it’s still there. It’s still taken hold.”
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