Night of the Living Dead Original Screen Used Karen Cooper Trowel

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Here is an amazing prop from Night – the original screen used trowel from the movie. The trowel was used by Undead Karen Cooper to kill her mother Helen. The tip of the trowel was folded over by Karl hardman to fit under Marilyn Eastman’s blouse, giving the effect that she had been stabbed.

The trowel has been signed by lots of people from the movie including Karl Hardman, Marylin Eastman, Russ Streiner, Kyra Schon, Keith Wayne, John Russo, Bill Hinzman, Judy O’Dea, Chilly Billy Cardille and George A. Romero

Pictured here with the Bill Hinzman and the keeper of the trowel Dave Burian
Trowel photos courtesy of Dave Burian