LIVING DEAD WEEKEND welcomes Night of the Living Dead’s John Russo to the Monroeville Mall June 2020

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LIVING DEAD WEEKEND welcomes HORROR HALL OF FAME’S John Russo to the Monroeville Mall . John and George Romero co-scripted “Night of the Living Dead”, and In creating “Night” Mr. Russo originated the flesh eating aspect of the Living Dead that has gone on to be a major part of zombie culture. Besides being a “Night of the Living Dead” writer, John also played a ghoul in the movie.

John also wrote the the original “Return of the Living Dead” which was released as a novel, Russo’s original draft was a sequel to “Night of the Living Dead”, but the final film bears little resemblance to his original novel as Dan O’Bannon accepted the offer of the director’s seat on the condition he could rewrite the film. John still retains a story writer credit on the film for developing the project, and later also wrote a novelization of O’Bannon’s “Return Of the Livng Dead”. John also co-produced the 1990 remake of “Night of the Living Dead” directed by Tom savini, and more recently wrote, Co-directed and starred in “My Uncle John Is a Zombie!” John has been involved in the zombie industry for 50+ years, and helped create the modern day marauding zombie ghoul of our nightmares!

It’s the Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville

June 12 – 14 2020 in the Monroeville Mall.

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